The Angelenos: Chris


Chris and I have known each other since our freshman year in college after being introduced through a mutual friend. He seemed like a cool dude but was pretty quiet at the time, however, after hanging out with this guy more did I realize how interesting of a character he is.

One thing to know about Chris is that he can be pretty reserved and sometimes will be the quietest one in the room until someone starts directing questions towards him. When he does start talking, he is a very knowledgeable guy in a lot of topics. Sometimes he will even start to poke fun at you for little things you do that he notices. We always like to talk over beers and good food, and it's always a great time with this guy.

There's a side to him that's a lot like me: we are both spontaneous when we feel like it, but his bursts of spontaneity aren't as often as mine are and he can be the guy who goes big or goes home.  There was one time where he told me that he was going to start an online business selling Trader Joe's stuff to the states where the grocery chain doesn't exist. People all over the internet at that up and he made a good profit, but it was a one-man job and his living room was filled with shipping and Trader Joe's supplies, so he eventually stopped and moved on. Another time, he took a solo trip to Japan, not knowing how to speak Japanese or what to really expect from the trip. When he came back, he told me that he met some stranger who was super nice and they went to climb Mount Fuji together. I was baffled by this story because how does one guy who doesn't know how to speak Japanese link up with some stranger (who is native to Japan) and end up climbing a mountain together? So rad.

I value my friendship with Chris a lot. He has taught me that sometimes, you just need to do big things in life and don't let anything hold you back. Of course, stay within reasonable bounds, but fear will inhibit you from doing exciting things in this world we live in.