The Angelenos: Ray


RAY is a man I met through working at a local cafe. He was a regular, and one day he invited me to his place to see what he does for his YouTube channel "Get Crafty Crafty". When I came in, he showed me his setup and was about to film the video featuring an unboxing of his YouTube Silver Play Button award for reaching 100k subscribers. I had the opportunity to ask him a bunch of questions about how he got to where he is today and what it took for him to get there. A really hard worker, this guy is always on his phone or computer, looking for new projects to make for his channel, writing emails, and updating his Instagram for his audience.

One night, we went to grab dinner at a new joint that opened up in town and what was supposed to be just a hangout turned out to be a crazy conversation about getting shit done, not over-thinking anything, and not letting roadblocks slow you down. The phrase of the night was "just do it", as famously coined by Nike and emphasized by Shia LaBeouf. Sometimes we are successful, and many times we aren't, but in the end, you're still doing your craft and creating new things every day, which will eventually lead you to success. I've seen it over and over again amongst peers in other artistic disciplines, where they failed so many times, but through that growth they became successful and define who they are now.  It was really insightful and got me motivated to start shooting my current project, The Angelenos.